By CooperVision. 1-2 week disposable soft contact lenses (6 Lenses/Box)
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Biomedics 55 toric
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Left Eye (OS)


Biomedics Toric contacts are comfortable lenses designed for individuals with astigmatism, a condition that occurs when the cornea has an irregular curve causing blurriness because light rays cannot penetrate the eye properly. You can wear these disposable lenses for up to two weeks, making them far more pleasant to wear than other lenses. These lenses are also made under the brand name UltraFlex Toric. Each box of Biomedics® Toric contacts contains six lenses in buffered saline.

Biomedics Toric, known also as Biomedics 55 Toric, is part of the Coopervision family of contact lenses.

Material and % of content: 45% polymer (ocufilcon D), 55% water

What is the difference between Biomedics Toric and Acuvue Oasys contact lenses?
The main difference between Biomedics Toric and Acuvue Oasys contact lenses is that you can wear Biomedics Toric lenses for more consecutive nights in a row, up to one week. Biomedics Toric contacts also stay moist with just a little eye solution. Consult your eye doctor as this ranges due to a patient's eye dryness.


Are Biomedics Toric contact lenses for astigmatism?
Biomedics Toric contacts are comfortable lenses designed for individuals with astigmatism, which occurs when the cornea has an irregular curve, causing blurriness since light rays cannot penetrate your eye properly.


How long can I wear Biomedics Toric contact lenses?
With top rated wetness and breathability, the Biomedics Toric contact lenses are recommended for use of up to two weeks. If you have started a pair, but have not worn them in several days, it is recommended that you throw them away and begin a fresh set after the two week period.


Can I sleep in Biomedics Toric contacts?
You can sleep in Biomedics Toric contacts, however, you run the risk of degrading the contact lens material faster. For optimal life span, take them out before going to sleep at night.

Service is great but it would be nice if you would label the contact boxes left from right.\n
Eyes dry out faster with these than a previous prescription.
excellent product!
Great price
Great contacts recommended/prescribed by optometrist.\n
excelente calidad del producto..
I wear these for a month and have no problems with them. After going through three different types these work the best for me. They are comfortable and don't bother me all day.
I use this product monthly even though they are two week lenses. I have astigmatism and feel these work well and feel comfortable.
Great contact
These contacts are really good just being the first time ever having contacts I was a little disappointed that by 4 in the afternoon my eyes felt dry and irritated not sure if its the brand or not but otherwise they are comfortable and they last a long time.
Not Bad

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