By CooperVision. 2-3 month disposable soft contact lenses. (4 lenses/Box)
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Preference Toric XR
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Vialed lenses are not returnable for any reason.  Vialed lenses are custom made and take 2-4 weeks prior to shipping.

If you suffer from both astigmatism and vision that needs a powerful prescription to correct it, look no further than the Preference Toric XR lens. Available in a wide range of prescription powers, these flexible and durable lenses offer a superior fit and comfort. Designed to be worn for 3 months and easy to handle thanks to a light tint, these lenses are perfect for first time wearers. Each box of Preference Toric XR contacts contains four lenses in a buffered saline solution.

Material and % of content: 57.5% polymer (tetrafilcon A), 42.5% water

How long can I wear my Preference Toric XR contact lenses?
Preference Toric XR contacts are approved for 24 hour extended (overnight) use for up to 7 days, at the discretion of your eye doctor. At the end of each 7 day period it is very important to remove the lenses for proper cleaning and disinfecting. Failure to do so can result in irritation, infection, or injury to the eye.


Are Preference Toric XR lenses disposable?
Yes. Preference Toric XR contacts are a quarterly-use contact lense, which means that you may use your contacts for an average of three months before replacing them. Depending on your personal use of the contacts, you may need to replace Preference Toric XR contact lenses after two months, or you may be able to wear them for a slightly longer period.  It’s important to consult with your optician about the best contact lense wearing and replacement schedule for your eyesight and lifestyle.


Can I sleep with my Preference Toric XR contacts?
Studies have shown Preference Toric XR contacts to be safe to sleep in for up to 7 days, if your eye doctor approves. However, any overnight contact use can put you at risk for complications. Be sure to monitor your eyes for any sign of irritation or discomfort, which may indicate that you are not tolerating 24 hour wear. If you have any concerns, make sure to contact your eye care professional immediately.


What solution is best for Preference Toric XR lenses?
Choosing the best solution for your Preference Toric XR contact lenses is a matter of personal preference and comfort. Many users find a general multipurpose solution to be the most convenient choice. When you go for your contact lense fitting, make sure to ask your optometrist which solution they recommend for your specific needs.

IT would be nice if the contacts could be ready sooner
Use them to address astigmatism.  Seems like a constantly moving target.
Got exactly what we ordered!  Thanks!
Great ***
If properly clean they are easy on your eyes to wear. I often go 10 hours without much hassle. They are also expensive contacts but if you take care of them
As I said in the past review there is something different with these lenses compared to the exact same lens/scrip I already had. They are way less comfortable.
I wear these everyday when I go to school an they really make a difference
great product and good price

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