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By CooperVision. Monthly disposable soft contact lenses (6 Lenses/Box)

Retail Price:$55.00 (USD)
Our Price: $29.99 (USD)


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Product Details

Biofinity monthly replacement lenses are made with a unique, naturally wetable lens material that offers high water content, a low modulus, and high oxygen transmissibility. Recently approved by the FDA for extended wear, these lenses can be worn daily for a month or continuously for up to six days and seven nights. With a patented molded edge, you won’t find any lens more comfortable.

Material and % of content: 52% comfilcon A, 48% water


Do Biofinity Monthly Contact lenses only last one month?
The technology behind Biofinity Monthly contact lenses allows you to wear these lenses for up to one month continuously, if you remove them each night for cleaning and soaking in solution. You can also choose to wear your Biofinity Monthly contacts to bed, but they will only be good for roughly 6 days and 7 nights. Make sure to clean them daily, even if worn continuously.


Can I wear Biofinity Monthly Contacts to sleep?
Yes, it is totally safe to wear your Biofinity Monthly contact lenses to sleep. In fact, thanks to FDA approved wet lenses, Biofinity Monthly's are built for extended use and also continuous use day and night.


Is the Biofinity Monthly 6 Pack for 6 months?
Indeed, the Biofinity Monthly Contact 6-Pack is good for 6-months worth of high quality contact lenses. Remember to take each pair out nightly so that they last a full month.


Product Reviews

From: Tracey

I am sensitive to thicker lenses - biofinity has figured out how to make them nice and thin so I never feel them!
From: Amber

This product is as I've used it before
From: amanda

These are for my daughter and the contacts are of great quality.  I have recommended the website to all of my coworkers
From: Clel

Most comfortable contact I've ever worn.
From: Katie

Great quality contacts
From: Jessie

Good contacts for astigmatism
From: Becky

My son loves his contacts.  He wears them daily and prefers them over his glasses.
From: William

Most comfortable contacts ever
From: Mary Dulce

Most comfortable contacts I've ever worn
From: William K

Product works for me.  I would recommend it to anyone that wears contact lenses.
From: Christine

Great price for name brand contacts.
From: Judy

It was for my daughter
From: Jason

Great Product
From: Elizabeth

Great contacts
From: Conception

Amazin quality and very useful
From: Cathy

great product
From: Stephanie

I've used them for years now. I really like how they feel and they last long
From: Judy

Contacts were for my daughter.  She has been using this brand for the last 3 years and is happy with it.
From: Robert

Great brand
From: Dawn

Great lens.  No problems.
From: Rose

Have been using these contacts for a few years. They are very soft and comfortable. It is extremely hard to tell whether they are inside out or not which is my reason for only four stars.
From: Emily

I would recommend the product to anyone who wishes to sleep in their contacts.  They do get dried out sometimes when you sleep and you need to put drops in before bed and when you wake.  They also will dry out when you take a nap.  Sometimes it will get stuck to my eye while sleeping and wont move and my eye waters excessively. They also dry out if a ceiling fan or any other kind of fan is on.  Otherwise
From: David

From: Loyal

Great contacts for people with dry/allergy eyes.  These are the only contacts that do not feel like sand paper in my eyes at the end of the day.  The optics are great also
From: Ankitkumar

Very good product
From: stacey

I recommend the biofinity contacts to anyone who needs monthly contact. They are super comfortable and affordable.
From: Jennifer

My son wears these lenses-he tried a few brands and this was definitely the most comfortable for an active teenager!
From: Liz

I use them daily and would recommend them to anyone
From: James

Same product at 1800contacts but MUCH less!!
From: Mary

The order was correct and arrived promptly.
From: Farheen

From: Diana

The contacts were as I expected.  Just as good as the ones I receive from my eye doctor.

I have used these contacts for years and have never had problems with them.
From: Carly

Daughter uses them.
From: erika

These are for my daughter
From: Alice

From: Aurimas

The product is perfect. Have tried other producers but Biofinity best. You can wear all the time and forget about it.
From: Kerri

I wear contacts everyday.  Great quality!
From: Lisa

I use my contacts daily
From: Manyla

I love biofinity it does not give me any problem Iuse to have optix air Iit gave me I booger I was not fawn of it but I highly recommend biofinity to all the contact lovers.
From: Anna

Good quality
From: Jennifer

This brand definitely is the best I have worn
From: Sarah

From: Steve

From: Jerrilyn

I use the contacts everyday for at least 12 hours. The quality is excellent. I would recommend this product to all my friends.
From: Gina

From: Diana

Luv these contact lenses.
From: Paul

Replacemycontacts is a great company with which to do business!
From: Jan

These are for my son and I have recommended the company to family and friends.  The quality is just as if I purchased them from the doctors offices or any place else.  And trust me I CHECKED very well since it was for my child.  
From: Tom

Great service
From: Renee

My daughter had tried another brand of monthly contacts and was not happy. Her doc was going to switch her to daily (which was very pricey) but we asked to try another brand. Biofinity is great
From: Carolyn

Average to good quality
From: Cheryl

personal use
From: Barbara

From: Edward

This lens is used in my right eye for improved distance vision. I've fallen asleep with the lens and have awakened without the dry eye I had with my former lens.
From: Ray

I love how comfortable my biofinity contacts are
From: Larry

excellent response
From: bonnie

I have not gotten my contacts yet.. i wrote you and asked that you send to my po box cause home address would not work and i was told you would send to my po box ***. but nothing yet. i was have these before my daughters wedding.. am worried i won't get them and want my money back
From: Kit Ying

I wore acuvue for two years. I started getting these smudge marks on my lenses that would not go away even after I rubbed it with solution. My optometrist recommended me to switch to biofinity. I wear them for one month before I toss them out. They are the best! No more smudges.
From: Kaylea

I love this brand and the contacts are super comfortable
From: Armand

Great lenses! My eyes were suffering but now I can see!
From: Daniel

From: Molly

Seems like they dry out a little more easily than others I've had
From: Dorothy

I love my contacts. After trying progressive glasses for a good while
From: Pritesh

Good lenses.
From: Sharon

Use daily
From: Karyn

Biofinity lenses are comfortable for all day use.  
From: Bernadette

silly question in my eyes
From: Jeff

Everything worked good
From: Jonathan

From: Peter

I use my contacts everyday
From: Ronald

Same exact lenses I paid a fortune from through my eye doctor
From: Raymond

From: Ashley

From: Andrew

I've been using the same brand of contacts for years.  I'm very satisfied with them.
From: Michael

Good quality and would recommend it.
From: Deb

Great contacts
From: Cheryl

I wear the contacts to improve my vision.  I would recommend the product to family and friends.  This is the only brand of contacts I have ever worn.  I have been pleased with the quality of the contacts.

a contact that doesn't make my eyes feel so dry!
From: Andrea

Very breathable and comfortable lenses.
From: Karen

new to product
From: Jenene

Good contacts

Sleep in lenses are convenient. Price is good.
From: David

Already submitted
From: Charles

From: Jeanette

I bought a year's supply of Biofinity lenses. The lenses are very comfortable and fit perfectly. I would recommend this site to everyone I know who buys contact lenses.
From: Imelda

I use them everyday. Excellent
From: Phoebe

Had used before. Was prescribed be an eye doctor.
From: Janice

The contacts were for myself.  
From: Maria

Great for people who don't like or remember to take out contacts every night. I wear them for a week at a time! Very thin and feel awesome in your eyes.
From: Kanwar

I don't wear contacts myself
From: amy

Pretty good contacts. I am a contact lens wearer for 25 years. These are comfortable and durable.
From: Daniel

From: Leonisa

The product is for eyesight and my daughter loves the brand. I can recommend the product to anyone .
From: Josephine

This is the first prescription for Biofinity and so far it is very comfortable and only need to be replace once a month.  They are also very easy to use.
From: Lauren

Decent contacts
From: Rhea

The biofinity lens works great for me.
From: James

Best contacts ive worn so far.
From: Kerry

Not resistant to protein deposits as they state.
From: Tahlia

I use them daily and am very happy with them
From: Roberta

Great price on a quality product.
From: Rafael

From: joselyn

Biofinity are the 2nd brand I ever used and I have no need to change it. I have a scar in my left eye and I can say maybe 2 times in my life did the contact bother me and that's bc I would sleep with them on for 4 days straight. ....yes I know of I shouldn't but biofinity has me spoiled!
From: Christopher

Lenses are fine; been wearing for several years.\nUse only one for reading.
From: Deequitta

The fit is perfect and my eyes feel great.
From: Barbara

Daily contact user. Prompt & courteous service. Would recommend to friends & family.
From: Bruce

Daily wear contacts that are very good. Not the easiest to put in at times.
From: Denise

Moms contacts worn daily
From: Jessica

Good long wear contacts.
From: Martha

They are the best contacts I have ever used...I would recommend them to friends.
From: Brad

From: Katheryne

.there great
From: david

From: Amy

From: Mihir

Product came in a box in excellent condition.
From: Lorie

I've worn bio infinity for 3 years .  I changed from *** because I was having issues with infections
From: Tonya

Good contacts!
From: Tammy

Quality is good
From: Connie

The Biofinity contacts are super comfortable.
From: Marilou

Love these contacts!  Good for a month
From: francheska

Me and I love them
From: Nicholas

A nice notch up from my old Biomedics.
From: suzi

Good product
From: Gloria

Great product
From: Megan

So comfortable. They can feel dry after a full day but I think that is typical.
From: Parth

Best quality and best price. I would recommend to all.
From: Kathleen

My son has been using this brand of contacts for several years & he has been very happy.
From: Patricia

I have not used the product yet. I do wear contacts everyday. They look the same from where I use to buy them.
From: Emily

I really enjoy the Biofinity contacts because they are light and easy to put in. I never have any trouble with these and I find they rarely get dry in my eyes.  
From: Ivon

The product was good and great! Overall great experience
From: Jesus c

From: Stephanie

The contacts are very comfortable. I would recommend to my contact wearing co-workers.
From: Marlene

I'm using this product for the first time and would recommend them to others.
From: Nancy

great job
From: Sungju

contact lens \nexcellent fit & quality
From: Brian

great contact
From: Yamelis

Good service
From: Megan

Recommended by eye doctor and fit and work great.
From: Nydia

From: Vijay

Everyday. Monthly contacts
From: Sarah

Easy to order. Faxed script. Fast shipping. Will use them again. We ordered biofinity contacts.
From: Emily

From: Arthur

From: Karen

Works great!\n
From: Ashley

Great product for single vision and no astigmatism.
From: Joanne

Like the lenses. What the doctor prescribed.
From: Matthew

This is what my doctor prescribed. I can see
From: Keith

No complaints.
From: Blake

Have not had any problems with these.
From: Janet

From: Adriana

I would recommend you guys to my friends and family.
From: LeeAnne

The lenses are very comfortable
From: Janet

I have been using these contacts for years.  Very satisfied with this product.
From: Michael

Great product!
From: Huihua

My kids use the contacts - they are between the ages of 9 - 13.  They feel comfortable with the brand.
From: Donna

My only complaint is they are very
From: Mark

From: Jessica

Daily. They are comfortable and last around a month comfortably.
From: Christine

good quality\n

From: Edward

Tried these for the first time as my prior lenses are discontinued. Am happy with these as they are less expensive and have extended wear capability. I use these in my distance eye for mono vision.
From: kevin

First time using these and they do what there supposed to do. I can see
From: Amy

So much more comfortable than ***!
From: Nancy

Great quality - great price!
From: G

I use this product every day. I'd recommend d this product to those who wear contacts. I'd recommend to friends and family.
From: Christine

From: Roger

Good product
From: Jodi

Have told several people to use this company to get cheap contacts.
From: Lisa

Biofinity contact lenses are a quality product. I've been using them for a few years and have  liked them.
From: Kayla

Would recomend to anyone looking for a great brand of contacts
From: Barbara

I use them everyday & throw away every month.
From: victor

Price great quality  great super fast delivery
From: Vickye

These contacts are great!\n
From: David

From: Marci

From: Ron

I use the contact lenses every day and remove them each night and replace them each month.  I've been using this brand for several years after my optometrist recommended it.
From: Marilou

Love these lenses!  Once a month is great!
From: Sheliah

recommend the product to my friends
From: Nancy

Contacts are very good.
From: Barbara

Just started using the Biofinity contacts this year - like them much better than old contacts that I had to change every two weeks.
From: Lori

These contacts are very comfortable.\nI have dry eyes sometimes and they hold moisture very well.\nThanks!
From: Stephanie

My 11 Year Old daughter doesn't seem to have any problems with this contact...she loves them and has adapted to contacts easily
From: Margot

These contacts seem a little too flimsy.  That
From: Leonisa

For daughter's use.. Effective...
From: Carol

I am pleased with my contacts and the price was competitive
From: Roberto

From: Kristen

These seem to be a great fit.
From: Randall

Wear contacts every day except Sunday.  Sleep in them without any problems.\nBiofinity is a great brand.
From: Varun reddy

From: Denise

Easy to use
From: Givonni

I use this product as an alternative to wearing my glasses and I find them very useful in that manner.\nThey are extremely comfortable and I would recommend them to others who require this type of lens.
From: Raya

Very good quality and my son is happy using them
From: Mary

I don't have much to compare them to but they work well for me.\n
From: Christine

Just like the ones you buy at your eye doctor's but a lot cheaper!

From: robert

as usual
From: Suzanne

It was suggested by my eye doctor to try these after becoming allergic to my previous lenses. I like how thin they are and am able to wear them more often
From: Veronica

Biofinity contacts are awesome. I use the basic kind. Soft contacts. They don't fog up on me halfway through the day. I love how thin and light they are. I can barely feel them in my eyes. I have tried numerous types of brands and I love these the most. I tell all my friends and family to try Biofinity!
From: Stephanie

Great product!

 4.8 / 5
 Based on
 4,738 reviews

Fast and good service.

Written on June 2, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Cheap, fast delivery, exactly what I wanted. Couldn't be happier

Written on May 29, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

The ordering process was very simple and the site easy to navigate

Written on May 27, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Very fast processing. Had my contacts within 3 days of ordering with standard shipping!

Written on May 27, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Arrived fast. Correct order.

Written on May 27, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

They responded quickly when my order was received and dispstched

Written on May 27, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Arrived faster than I thought.

Written on May 26, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

ReplaceMyContacts had a great price for my contacts. They shipped very quickly.

Written on May 23, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Package arrived before I even had the tracking number. Wow!

Written on May 20, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Simple, quick and efficient. I intend to use this vendor from now on.

Written on May 18, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

reorders are fast and easy.

Written on May 14, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Quick, easy & the best price around. Trust me... I looked everywhere

Written on May 13, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Website was easy to navigate and prices were excellent. Received items very quickly.

Written on May 13, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Competitive Pricing, fast and easy service and delivery on time. What more can a person ask for?

Written on April 7, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Excellent shopping experience in all areas.

Written on April 6, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Delivered as promised. Great price.

Written on January 28, 2014 - Bizrate ratings


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