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By CooperVision. 1-2 week disposable soft contact lenses (6 Lenses/Box)
Retail Price:  $34.99 (USD)
Our Price: $20.99 (USD)
Right Eye (OD)




Left Eye (OS)

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*Price per box as of November 4, 2015.



Avaira contact lenses are a naturally wettable two-week silicone hydrogel lens crafted with Aquaform Comfort Science Technology for a flexible and softer lens. Avaira contacts attract and retain moisture within the lens itself, making them a top choice for comfort without the need for additional lens surface treatments. The highly breathable lens material incorporates UV blocking technology to protect your eyes from harmful radiation while allowing plenty of oxygen to nourish the eye for a totally healthful wearing experience. Manufactured in the United States by CooperVision, Avaira contact lenses will keep your eyes feeling fresh and moist and your vision clear.

What will happen if I fall asleep with my Avaira contact lenses in?
It is not advocated to sleep with Avaira contacts in. They are not crafted for overnight wear, and will become very dry without proper moisture from the outside air. If you happen to fall asleep with your Avaira lenses still in your eyes, be sure to remove them once you wake up. If you experience eye trouble after falling asleep with your Avaira lenses in, contact your eye doctor immediately.


When should I switch to a new pair of Avaira lenses?
Avaira contact lenses are meant to be worn for only two weeks at a time, and then replaced in order to maintain optimal freshness and moisture. The maximized wettability of the Avaira lenses will begin to decrease after the initial two weeks of wear.


Do Avaira lenses come in colors?
While Avaira lenses do not come in different color variations, the exceptional moisture provided by Avaira’s Aquaform technology will keep your eyes bright, moist and radiant. If you are considering color contact lenses, take a look at our Freshlook Colorblends or consult our lens specialists who are available either online or by phone. They will point you in the right direction in accordance with your specific eye type.

Great for a person that can wait about a week n half for contacts. If someone wants them immediately they will probably pay double or more at a brick and mortar.
My favorite brand.
these were for my son and he is very pleased with the avaira contacts--he has less trouble with dryness and redness since using these contacts.
I use this daily and would definitely recommend this product. Very comfortable!
Same lens my eye doctor sells for close to 30 dollars a box and on this site it's 17 a box
Great contacts
very good
I cant use I only EVER received contact for one eye
Very good product
everything was done as said.  thanks    ***
Avaira is a good fit for me.  Much more comfortable than other brands.
Getting used to the new brand still  seems to fog up quicker than my old ones.
Hey -- product is generic -- no problem here.
These are for my daughter
Use the products for vision\n
Totally legit product.  
I am new to Avaira and have not yet had a chance to use these contacts long enough to properly evaulate them; therefore I have given it three stars pending further evaulation.
Excellent 2-week contacts.
as expected
very effective
These lenses are very comfortable for daily wear.  I suffer from dry eyes and allergies but can still wear them with no irritation.
i've been using these for a few years now
Great! No problems ever!
great lenses

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