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Air Optix Aqua

By Cibavision. Monthly disposable soft contact lenses. (6 lenses/Box)

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Product Details

Are you an active person with a nonstop schedule? Do you like to go, go, go, even if it means wearing your lenses from dawn to dusk? If this sounds like you, and you have trouble with tired or dry eyes late in the day, Air Optix Aqua contact lenses may be the best lens for you.

Air Optix Aqua contacts are designed with a state-of-the-art material that allows for up to five times more oxygen than traditional soft
contact lenses. Manufactured by Ciba Vision, these lenses maintain their moisture level throughout the day. The patented lens material boasts an immensely smooth surface that resists deposits, which means your eyes won't get tired and your vision will stay crisp, even into the early morning hours.

Although actual wear recommendations should come from you doctor, Air Optix Aqua contact lenses are designed to be worn either daily for four weeks or up to six nights of extended wear.


  • How long can I wear Air Optix contact lenses

Air Optix Aqua Contact Lenses are usually prescribed as a monthly wear lens. This means that a wearer can keep the lens in their eye for about 12-14 hours a day while taking them out at night. As long as this routine is followed, the Air Optix contacts can be worn for up to 30 days use. After 30 days the Air Optix Aqua contact lenses should be disposed of and a new pair opened.


  • Can I sleep in Air Optix contact lenses overnight?

At the discretion of your care practitioner, Air Optix Aqua contacts may approved for overnight wear, up to six days followed by at least one night with them out. If the lenses are overworn, sleeping with contacts is not recommended as there is a higher risk of developing complications such as corneal ulcers or neovascularization.


  • Can I wear Air Optix contacts for dry eyes?

Air optix Aqua contact lenses are more breathable than standard contact lenses, and are made with only 33% water content. This makes them great contacts for dry eyes because, generally, the lower the water content, the more comfortable the contact lens is for dry eyes. This more breathable family of Air Optix contacts delivers a natural, healthy feeling by allowing more oxygen to pass through the lens helping to promote healthy eyes. The patented lens treatment of All Air Optix contact lenses is resistant to protein deposits which result in lens discomfort and a shorter wearing time.





Product Reviews

From: Carl

These contacts are very affordable and comfortable... Great product
From: Shirley

From: Jill

Easy contacts to take out and put in. Super happy with them.
From: Suzanne

I've used Air Optix Aqua for many years. Comfortable and affordable.
From: Mohammad

From: Jowin

From: Melissa

I use these for myself - I've been wearing these for a few months now and they feel great!\n\n
From: Christina

These contacts work very well for both my sons.
From: Amy

Product arrived quickly and in good condition.  Disappointed that my rebates were not sent with order.  
From: John

Have never had any problems with this brand
From: Lori

This product fits and wears well.  Will continue to buy these contacts.
From: T

it does not irritate my eyes and does not collect as much dirt.
From: Kimberly

Comfortable to wear and easy to use.
From: rebecca

Only kind that work for my dry eyes!
From: Leah

Cheaper and better quality than the Night & Day's that they make.

It seems these are manufactured in China; the quality is substandard. My right contact does not seem to be the correct prescription
From: Steven

Air Optix have been my contacts of choice for some time. They seem to dry out much slower than other brands
From: Priscilla

Order was exactly as expected;  contact lens wearer should not hesitate to use this service!
From: June

From: William

My husband uses these everyday and loves them
From: Kay

Son's contacts.
From: Pamela

All three of my family members wear this brand.
From: Heather

I'd recommend it for everyone!
From: Walter

From: Madison

They  are wonderful
From: Janet

these are the most comfortable contacts ever. I forget I even have them in
From: kerri

Comfortable. I worn them prior to buying them here so I am good with this type.
From: Laurie

perfer this brand
From: Sheila

I am the user of this product. This is my first time using Air Optix Aqua
From: Anna

Quality is good.
From: Mai houa

From: Lori

Great product
From: Jamie

great lens
From: Kresimir

great product.
From: Ruth

By far probably the best monthly replacement contact lenses compared to regular ones. Even when using plain saline solution!
From: Ralph

From: Joey

From: G. Keith

From: Nadean

From: jane

Everything was great.
From: Russell

Daily use. Good fitting contact lenses. Easy to care for.
From: Coreen

used monthly
From: Nina

The contacts are good
From: Vaishnavi

I wear contacts everyday. I found the pair I ordered very satisfactory. Will surely recommend the website to my friends.
From: Laura

I use these contacts because they don't irritate my eyes and I can leave them in longer than other contacts.
From: Vicki

I would recommend this product.  It is my first time using them and I love them!!!
From: Holly

From: Victor

The Air Optix contacts I purchased was of high quality
From: Eva

I  Air Optix Aqua
From: Frank

It's a product I constantly use in my daily life.
From: Roxanne

From: Rhonda

Seems to be the best product ***
From: Michael

From: Chasity

From: Martha

From: Linda

These are great\n
From: Jeff

Very comfortable contacts. Can't even feel them most of the day.
From: Jean

My son loves his air optic. The best price around
From: Pamela

I love these contacts.
From: Suzanne

I wear these contacts on a daily basis and order them every few months. Never had a problem or had to return the contacts because they were the wrong prescription. Excellent product I've been using for many years. Thank You.
From: Seong-Gon

Good product

From: Michael

Month long contacts are awesome!
From: Dana

Comfortable fitting lenses.  
From: Christine

Use in my left eye. Not as strong so I am able to read small print.
From: Larry

these let my eye breath and not get dry. I wear these fourteen hours a day with no problems.
From: Jay

Never had a problem with Air Optix Aqua.
From: joni

Very happy
From: Bahia

From: Lori

Contacts used biweekly.\n
From: Igor

From: Forest

I use them for my eyes the quality is great I would recommend it to everyone.
From: Terry

Great contacts that maintain a relaxed and comfortable feeling when in long hours.
From: Heidi

Daily wear use. Quality good
From: Laura

I haven't used it yet. But I've used *** for many years and I've never had any issues with the brand

Works well for my prescription.
From: sarah

Seems to be the exact same product our eye Dr provides for double the cost.
From: Eugene

They are contact lenses I use them daily.
From: Deborah

I use this product daily
From: linda

I love my contacts
From: Roxanne

Great product.  Been wearing these lens  for many years.
From: Chelsea

I wear my contacts everyday. I can wear them from 7 am til 12 am and my eyes do not get irritated. They are the best contacts I have ever tried.
From: Trenten

Exactly what I wanted.
From: Carol

I am happy with my contacts.
From: Richard

The product is excellent
From: Kristi

Comfort and ease is good
From: Vicki

I especially like these lenses...I have dry eyes and these work very well for me!
From: Jodie

I've been using these for awhile and I have bad allergies. They have been good.
From: Roxanne

Have worn for many years
From: Briana

I would recommend this site for future orders. The quality of the product I received was good.
From: Steven

I've been using this brand for a couple of years. Very comfortable. Change them out once a month. I don't sleep in them and doctors don't recommend doing so anyway.
From: Debra

I use my contacts everyday in far and near. I only change them as needed. I have already recommended your company to all  my co-workers
From: Peter

My brand
From: Barbara

Wear Air Optix Aqua in left eye and replace monthly.  Quality of lens is great.
From: William

I recommend to every ones  who needs it \n
From: Carol

From: Michael a

These are great because i can sleep with them on and they do not cause the stickiness often found with other brands.
From: Kyle

From: Jennifer

I use the product daily anywhere from 8-16 hours a day. I have rarely had an issue with dry eyes or anything bothering me while wearing them. I hardly notice they are there.
From: Ann

Comfortable all day. Crystal clear vision!
From: Hannah

Great contact lenses.
From: Diane

daughter uses it
From: Julie

Use my contacts daily and have had no problems with them
From: Colleen

I use according to instructions
From: Kimberly

Order was for family member can't rate contacts.
From: Jamal

Very good quality. My kids are using Air Optix for 4 years without any complications.
From: Nolan

No comments
From: Lorel

I like the product very well.
From: William

Excellent product and very comfortable.
From: Sharon

From: Cindy

Have been wearing this brand 3 years
From: Anita

These thin contacts are comfortable and do not dry out so easily; would recommend to any who have trouble wearing contacts all day
From: Kelli

Use Air Optix because the Eye Dr.  recommended.  Looking for cheapest prices.
From: Vonda

Monthly replacement. I take out each night.
From: bernard

I think any contact lens user can appreciate the excellent price
From: Victor

Monthly use. Would recommend to everybody.
From: Ryan

I have used these contacts for the last few years
From: Margaret

The product is good and the same as has been used for the last 5 years.
From: Eileen

Get dried out at times
From: Christopher

work great
From: Marina

Very happy with the product
From: Laquita

I've been ordering off air optix aqua for awhile now. My order always arrives at a timely manner and I have always received exactly what I requested. I would recommend this site to anyone.
From: Heather

Everything i expected!
From: Erica

From: Scott

These are comfortable lenses
From: Carol

love it and is comfortable
From: Stefanie

I've been wearing Air Optix for a few years now. I think they're the best at staying comfortable throughout the day.
From: Nancy

Air Optix are the most comfortable contacts on the market.
From: Michael

I've been using these for years now after switching from other brands and I've never been happier.
From: Nicole

Cheaper than the 14-day kind
From: Christi

The product is fine. It works well.
From: Craig

Great contact for daily use!
From: Hiteshkumar

Personal Use
From: Michael

Contacts worn during day for work.\n\nRecommend to anyone who does not want to deal with glasses.
From: Anastasia

The contacts were ordered for my daughter
From: Joel W

as prescribed.
From: Ernest

Can't review for my daughter
From: Barbara

Pleased with order.
From: Shama

Haven't used it yet
From: Rajna


From: Shirley

Have referred friends.\n
From: Larry

I have used this contact lens before and was satisfied with its quality. The quality of the product is as expected.
From: Pam

My husband wears the Air Optic Aqua contacts as prescribed by his Optometrist.  Comfortable all day wear.
From: Michele

Love these contacts
From: Jean

My son loves the comfort of this brand. Grat contacts!
From: Wanda

would tell others
From: Sean

contacts are worn almost every day. The quality seems fine.
From: Suzanne

Have worn this brand for years. Highly satisfied with this product.
From: Mark

From: Andrew

Use them all the time without issue! Great brand!
From: Christine

great contacts for anybody
From: Mihir

From: Amy

Recommended this brand due to my contacts drying out too quickly. They works much better. On rough days I only have to use eye drops a couple times a day. Definitely recommend if you have problems with dry contacts!
From: Cathy

Very comfortable.
From: Erica

I wear them everyday. I would recommend them to anyone.
From: Raj

great contact lens - I wear them for daily use (and remove before bed)
From: Angel

Excellent products
From: Lois

The product is of superior quality -- lenses have never torn before their life is used up
From: Doreen

I love the Air Optix Aqua contacts. They are very comfortable and are not so thin that I tear them.
From: Gary

good lense
From: Robert

best contacts ever
From: Debi

I use my contacts DAILY and the discounted cost thru this site is awesome.
From: Susan

I find this product closely matches what I used to you before disposables became the only option.
From: Meredith

This brand of contacts are more comfortable to those I have used in the past.
From: Patricia

Eyes still seem to get a bit too dry after about 8 hours of wear. Was hoping these contacts would resolve that issue completely.
From: alden

Fits my eyes well.
From: Gabriella

From: Elizabeth M

closest thing to having perfect vision
From: Leticia

no longer use these contacts but when I did they were good but not great
From: Sanjay

Kid have been using it for a while an no complain.
From: Adam

Great contacts!
From: Larissa

From: Michael

Prescribed by doctor.
From: Shirley

Most of the time the comfort level is good.
From: Janet

I would recommend to any contact wearer.
From: Susan

daily wear
From: Tamika

Son loves the contacts.First time wearing contacts.
From: JoAnne

Have used this brand for years.  Really comfortable.
From: Jeff

Very comfortable. Don't realize they are in for the first 10-12 hours.
From: Tara

high quality
From: Jonathan

very good
From: Robert

Good product at a fair price!
From: Brad

Excellent lenses!
From: Jodie

These are good. I have eye allergies so I think that's why I have issues.
From: Rosanna

Very comfortable. These are monthly and I always order extra so I can just dispose when they feel cloudy.
From: Tarek

Best contact lens I have used.
From: Patricia C

Air Optix Aqua are like wearing nothing at all. Just great vision.
From: Evan

Used daily. Quality is ver good.
From: Josiah

No complaints
From: Ashley

Exactly what I ordered
From: Laura

Best place to buy contacts! Thanks :)
From: Christopher

They get the job done. Never worn any other brand though.
From: Trista

I have dry eye and these really help with being able to wear contacts all day
From: Alexandra

air optix are very comfortable for all eyes
From: Rebecca

Best price around for AirOptix Contacts.
From: donald

very satisfied
From: Elizabeth

From: sarah

Prescribed by my kids eye Dr. No Problems as of yet.
From: Larry

I like the fact that I can wear Air Optix for a month.  I wear them nearly every day.  I would recommend them.
From: Lindsay

Been using this brand of contacts for several years now and they have always worked fine for me
From: Brenda

From: Lynda

I wear them every day.  I wear one for reading and one for distance because my distance vision is good.  I like Air Optix Aqua because I can wear the lenses a month before changing.  They are better for my eyes.  
From: Deborah

From: William

I use daily
From: Laurie

I love these contacts as they are the best mono vision I have ever used. I can see close up
From: Eva

Air Optix Aqua   is the good lance
From: Gardenia

I use them improperly and they last way longer
From: Richard

Comfortable lenses. They are disposable
From: Meryl

According to my contact specialist
From: Meralinda

Very comfortable to wear all day
From: James

From: Mark

Contacts are comfortable
From: Kristi

Daily use once/month
From: Sherry


Great product
From: Ira

Use daily
From: Shawna

Quality good
From: Ellen

Good quality product for price
From: Paul

All good
From: Kenneth

From: byron

I use these for daily wear and they're great.
From: Denise

Very comfortable.
From: Robert

use daily
From: Eric

Comfortable but...
I have gone through 6-8 boxes of these and I seem to get at least one defective lens in each box. By defective I mean extremely uncomfortable. To the point where I must discard the lens and open a new one. Rinsing and rubbing do not fix the issue either. Only inserting a new lens cures the issue. Would be 5 stars if they were a little more consistent.

 4.8 / 5
 Based on
 4,738 reviews

Fast and good service.

Written on June 2, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Cheap, fast delivery, exactly what I wanted. Couldn't be happier

Written on May 29, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

The ordering process was very simple and the site easy to navigate

Written on May 27, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Very fast processing. Had my contacts within 3 days of ordering with standard shipping!

Written on May 27, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Arrived fast. Correct order.

Written on May 27, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

They responded quickly when my order was received and dispstched

Written on May 27, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Arrived faster than I thought.

Written on May 26, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

ReplaceMyContacts had a great price for my contacts. They shipped very quickly.

Written on May 23, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Package arrived before I even had the tracking number. Wow!

Written on May 20, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Simple, quick and efficient. I intend to use this vendor from now on.

Written on May 18, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

reorders are fast and easy.

Written on May 14, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Quick, easy & the best price around. Trust me... I looked everywhere

Written on May 13, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Website was easy to navigate and prices were excellent. Received items very quickly.

Written on May 13, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Competitive Pricing, fast and easy service and delivery on time. What more can a person ask for?

Written on April 7, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Excellent shopping experience in all areas.

Written on April 6, 2015 - Bizrate ratings

Delivered as promised. Great price.

Written on January 28, 2014 - Bizrate ratings


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