Von Zipper SNARK Frostbyte Black Lime Sunglasses - SMSFCSNA BLI
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There’s nothing like the anticipation of getting ready for that first snowfall of the season. The powder is fresh, your loading up Burton boards on top of the Subaru, strapping in to those oddly bright snow pants that you might hate now, but will be happy are on after your fist spill. What’s missing? You’re gonna need to protect your eyes from that intense glare coming off the slopes. Time for a pair of Von Zipper SNARK Frostbyte Black & Lime Sunglasses.

Think it’s too cold out to glide across some powder? You must be new at this game. Don’t worry; your Von Zipper SNARK Frostbyte frames are made with a combination of plastic and nylon grilamid that make each pair light while also enduring long instances of cold weather. Those VZ frames you’re wearing might last longer out on the slopes than you will. And the 100% UV protection coating on each lens makes sure that those harmful rays stay out of your eyes. Plus, even if they go flying off when you miss that first jump, the impact resistance polycarbonate lenses won’t crack or shatter. In fact, you probably won’t even notice that they fell off until everyone stops looking at you, because those chic, trendy glasses have sudden disappeared.

You’re never too novice or too cool for a pair of new Von Zipper SNARK sunglasses. These limited edition collections from Frostbyte are now available at a discounted price, starting at $85 with free shipping, from Replace My Contacts. Grab yours today!

How would you recommend I clean my Von Zipper SNARK Frostbyte Black & Lime Sunglasses?
If you just received a brand new pair of SNARK Frostbyte Black Lime Sunglasses from Von Zipper, congrats! We’d say, take the soft cloth that came with you Von Zippers, or some other smooth wipe, and start rubbing the frame and lenses down. It’s a good idea to do this as often as possible, since removing any dust or oils will keep the frames looking brilliant after every use. It’s a great idea to use lens-specific cleaners on each lens too. Try to avoid harsh chemicals, like glass cleaners or regular soap. You don’t want to risk damaging the impact resistant lens material.


Can you tell me what these super cool and stylish Von Zipper SNARK sunglasses are made out of, or is it a secret ingredient like Big Mac Special Sauce?
It’s no secret that Von Zipper uses a combination of plastic and nylon when constructing the SNARK Frostbyte Black & Lime Sunglasses. Doing so makes the VZ frames tough yet lightweight, able to take a spill without breaking or scratching. Nylon grilamid infused with the plastic can resist some pretty extreme cold temperatures, as well as hot heat and direct sunlight. It’s still a good idea to not leave Von Zippers sitting on the dash of your ride in August, or forgetting them outside in February. If it happens on occasion, don’t worry; your VZ frames will still look fly.


Do the Von Zipper SNARK Frostbyte lenses include a UV Protected coating or surface?
You and your eyes can rest assured that every pair of VZ SNARK Frostbyte frames include base-6 lenses that offer 100% UV Protection. Talk about function mixed with fashion! Keeping your vision safe from ultra-bright, ultra-rays rays – and keeping you looking like a rock star; that’s how Von Zipper rolls.

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