Von Zipper SNARK Frostbyte Black Orange Sunglasses - SMSFCSNA BBT
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Are you a Wall St. shark or a coffee shop connoisseur? Do you spend downtime catching rays on the beaches of California or skiing the powder-covered slopes of Vermont? No matter which of these represent how you roll, know that there’s always room for modern style. The Von Zipper SNARK Frostbyte Black & Orange Sunglasses own that modern take on fashion, while adding in hints of vintage hipster style. The VZ SNARK Black on Orange design brings a hot neon tone to the impact resistant lenses. It also drops a hot orange glow around the outline of the frame itself. You won’t be missed riding a long board down flat streets, or hitting a massive jump on your snowboard. These Von Zipper SNARK frames, designed with the limited edition Frostbyte touch, go with any snowsuit or Brazilian cut bikini you throw on.

The sleek design of Von Zipper SNARK Frostbyte Black Orange Sunglasses is what makes these babies looking fresh in any decade. The oversized curved frame, matched to that hot orange-on-black look, gives these glasses a throwback 80’s nod, accented by the old school VZ logo, also in orange on each temple. Just because these specs build upon nostalgia, doesn’t mean they’ve been made with old materials. Von Zipper SNARK frames are built with a lightweight yet durable plastic / nylon material. They can take a beating and still look brand new.

Now’s the time to get yourself a pair of SNARK Frostbyte Edition Black & Orange Sunglasses by Von Zipper, thanks to amazing deals from Replace My Contacts. Starting at $85 along with free shipping, these frames will help you look like a player, without breaking the bank.


What are the Von Zipper SNARK Frostbyte Black & Orange Sunglass lenses made from?
The lenses in your Von Zipper SNARK sunglasses are made from a thin yet durable polycarbonate material, which is lightweight while being impact resistant. These special lenses not only offer protection against UV rays, they can withstand a pretty decent impact from dropping. Oh, and they’re scratch resistant too!


Do Von Zipper SNARK Frostbyte Black & Orange Sunglasses offer UV protection?
The Von Zipper Frostbyte line of sunglasses offers some pretty strong UV protection. In fact, they offer 100% UV protection on all lenses to battle the sun’s harmful rays. Hit the sand or the slopes all day, never worrying about hurting your vision with these Von Zipper lenses.


How durable are the Von Zipper sunglasses?
Von Zipper sunglass frames are built from a combination of stainless steel, nylon and plastic, making each pair bendable enough to adjust to any face, while still strong enough to withstand getting thrown around. It’s probably not a great idea leaving your sunglasses on the dash or out in the cold for hours on end, but if you do on occasion it’s cool! That durable plastic material can withstand long exposure to some pretty extreme heat and cold, more so than some other brands of sunglasses. That’s what makes Von Zipper one of the top brands for those living an active but fashionable lifestyle.


How do I clean my Von Zipper SNARK Frames?
Here’s the best way to clean your Von Zippers: Wipe your sunglasses once a day with a smooth cloth, removing any dust or oil that may reduce the brilliant gloss each frame offers from day 1. Only use lens cleaners on them too; harsh chemicals could potentially damage lenses or reduce the UV protection.


Is it true that Von Zipper Frostbyte frames are Limited Edition? Will any new frames be coming out?
Keep checking Replace My Contacts to find out!

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