Sunglasses Von Zipper ELMORE Frostbyte Black Orange

Von Zipper ELMORE Frostbyte Black Orange Sunglasses - SMRFAELM BBT

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Sunglasses Von Zipper ELMORE Frostbyte Black Orange

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Hit the road or avoid an avalanche next time you need an escape, drop some beats through that subwoofer and don’t forget your Von Zipper ELMORE Frostbyte Black Orange Sunglasses. Impress fashion knowledgeable friends or make others think you’re ahead of the curve when it comes to new styles, by adding these brilliant sunglasses to your daily accessories.

From snow bunnies to powder heads, everyone out on the slopes is looking to impress -- not only with their snowboarding abilities, but with their sense of fashion. And if you think someone can’t look dope in an oversized pair of snow pants, puffy jacket, and Black on Orange sunglasses from Von Zipper, then you need to get out more often. The ELMORE Frostbyte frames are essential for wrapping up that perfect skiing or snowboarding fashion statement. You know it’s all about who has the hottest moves and sexiest accessories out there – why deny the ultra modern lenses mixed with vintage frame design of the Von Zipper Elmore?

It’s not all about fashion with Von Zipper. The ELMORE sunglasses are built to last. Made from a combination of nylon, plastic and stainless steel, these shades are constructed to withstand high heat and low colds. Plus, they’re lightweight, comfortable for any face to hold up. Just because they don’t weight much doesn’t mean they’re weak. In fact, you’ve got some of the most durable sunglasses on the market right here, available below suggest retail pricing thanks to Replace My Contacts.

The Von Zipper Frostbyte collection is a limited edition run of the best selling frames. If you want in on these styles before they’re gone, check out the inventory and competitive prices.


Do the Von Zipper ELMORE Frostbyte Black & Orange Sunglasses offer any kind of UV protection?

The Von Zipper Frostbyte line not only offers some UV protection; it offers 100% protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Hit the slopes all day and never worry about damaging your vision with these quality lenses.

What are the lenses for the Von Zipper ELMORE Frostbyte Black & Orange Sunglasses made from?

The lenses for Von Zipper sunglasses are made using impact resistant polycarbonate materials. These lightweight and flexible lenses not only offer UV protection against sunrays, they can withstand a sizeable impact, and are scratch resistant.

Are the frames strong enough to withstand a few drops?

They sure are. Von Zipper frames are made from a nylon infused plastic, which makes it bendable enough to adjust to any face, but strong enough to withstand dropping. We don’t recommend leaving your sunglasses on the dashboard or out in the cold, but if you do sometimes that’s fine. That same durable plastic material can withstand more extreme hot and cold temperatures than your average pair of sunglasses. That’s what makes Von Zipper THE brand for those on the go who need to look their best.

How should I clean my Von Zipper Frames?

Wipe your Von Zipper sunglasses down once a day with a smooth cloth, to remove any dust or oils that may reduce the brilliant gloss of the frame. Only use lens cleaner on the lenses, as harsh chemicals might damage the lens or reduce the UV protection coating.

I read the Von Zipper Frostbyte frames are Limited Edition. Will any new frames be coming soon?

You’ll have to check back and find out! 


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