Why Does My Eye Twitch

Even if you have otherwise perfect vision, you may occasionally find yourself with an unsteady eyelid, which leads to the question: why does your eye twitch? This minor nuisance is often short-lived, however, there isn't always a quick fix. The causes of this little tick vary from neurological issues to a simple lack of sleep. Find out why your eye may be twitching with this handy guide.

Causes of Eye Twitches


Tight deadlines, family conflicts, and flat tires are all problems that may prompt stress and account for the reason why your eye twitches. Stress-induced muscle ticks can last as long as the stressor does, whether it's for less than a minute or half a week. Whether you're dealing with physical or emotional conflicts, it's important to find relief, otherwise eye twitches will continue to persist.

Excessive Caffeine

Although coffee can feel like the cure-all for everything from fatigue to concentration troubles, too much of it, or any caffeinated beverage, can trigger eye twitches. Such quivering is known as a hemifacial spasm, which causes unintentional movement of either the left or right side of your face.

Lack of Sleep

Clocking in with less than eight hours every night when you hit the hay may be a factor regarding why your eye twitches. Combat lack of sleep by going to bed and getting up at roughly the same time every day.

Neurological Disorders

Various neurological disorders can cause eye twitches as well as spasms throughout your face. Some of these disorders include:

  • Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS) – The autoimmune disorder ALS often causes involuntary contractions around the eye as well as throughout the entire body.
  • Bell's Palsy – Often a temporary issue, Bell's Palsy causes drooping in one side of the face.
  • Blepharospasm – This disorder causes the sufferer to randomly tightly shut his or her eyes involuntarily.

Eye Infections

Although eye infections often impact the cornea or iris due to a bacteria or virus, such issues can also affect areas around the eye and cause twitching.

Treatments for Eye Twitches

Medical Treatments

Once you and your doctor have figured out why your eye is twitching, you can go about a treatment method. Botulinum toxin, an ingredient present in Botox, can help mitigate the issues associated with more intense cases. If your eye twitch progresses into a full or partial facial tick, the cause may require further assessment by your doctor to properly identify the solution. For issues such as Bell's Palsy, specific medications, like steroidal options, can provide some relief.

Home Remedies

Cure various causes of eye twitching yourself by regulating your sleep schedule and caffeine intake. You'll likely feel less compelled to grab several cups of a coffee a day if you get enough shut-eye at night. Avoid caffeine withdrawal by splitting a cup up between the morning and evening.

There are many reasons why your eye may be twitching, so be sure to visit your doctor to help pinpoint what your trigger is. Once you identify the cause, talk with your healthcare professional about possible treatments. Start by following standard wellness guidelines, like getting enough sleep and limiting caffeine, and you'll have a good foundation for preventing eye twitches from occurring.


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