In short, the reason your eyes might be swollen: excessive fluid. Also known as ‘edema,’ excessive fluid is usually manifested in the upper and lower extremities, such as the ankles and feet and hands. But swollen eyes are usually the first thing sufferers of edema usually notice first thing in the morning.

There are many other causes of swollen, puffy eyes. Some of them, such as allergies, blepharitis and conjunctivitis, also produce red eye. [link to red eye/bloodshot article] Here are some other causes of swollen eyes:


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What are styes and what causes them?

The eyelashes or insides of the eyelid may sometimes have a painful red bump. An infection of the oil glands or a hair follicle of the eyelid is usually the main cause of a stye, according to The infected glands become clogged and are almost always caused by a staphylococcus bacteria.

Lifestyle factors, such as high stress or poor diet, may be another cause of styes. Those with elevated bodyfat percentages are more likely to develop clogged oil glands.

Symptoms of styes

Swelling is actually a later symptom of styes; initially, redness and tenderness and pain may be present. Also, the eyes might be itchy. If eye swelling occurs, it also may be accompanied by watery or sensitive eyes. If the bump appears yellow, it’s a sign that pus is rising to the surface.

Treatments of styes

If a sty persists for several days, a doctor may lance (drain) the infection under local anesthesia in his or her office.

Home remedies for styes recommends applying a warm compress or warm washcloth to the affected area for 10 minutes, four to six times a day. This home remedy should not be administered by pressing or squeezing. In other words don’t force the drainage. This can spread or worsen the infection.


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What is hyperthyroidism and what causes it?

The thyroid gland, located near the ‘Adam’s Apple’, controls metabolism and the rate at which the body burns energy. Though most people with thyroid disorders have hypothyroidism—a sluggish thyroid—the opposite, hyperthyroidism is characterized by a an over-active thyroid gland and can produce swollen eyes.

What are causes of hyperthyroidism?

A hereditary autoimmune disease (in which the body attacks itself) that most often affects women, Grave’s Disease, is a main cause of hyperthyroidism. Stress can also cause the thyroid gland to excessively release thyroid hormone.

Symptoms of hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism symptoms include excessive sweating, rapid heartbeat, fatigue, disrupted menstrual flow, as well as edema.

Treatments of hyperthyroidism

Beta-blockers are the class of prescription drugs used to treat hyperthyroidism (Atenol is one of them.). Anti-thyroid drugs, radioactive iodine, and surgery are other ways medical professionals treat hyperthyroidism.

Corneal ulcer

What is a corneal ulcer and what causes it?

In front of the eye, lies the cornea, a clear structure that covers the colored part of the eye, or the iris. A corneal ulcer is a sore over the cornea. Bacterial infections are the main cause of corneal ulcers and sometimes show up in people who use contact lenses. Bacteria can directly invade the cornea if the corneal surface has been disrupted. Some bacteria produce toxins that can cause ulceration of the cornea, according to MedicineNet.

Viral infections can also cause ulcers. Cold sore viruses and the same virus that causes chickenpox and shingles can also cause corneal ulcers.

Also, small cuts or scratches in the corneal surface may become infected and lead to corneal ulcers.

Symptoms of corneal ulcers

Pain, redness, or a constant feeling that something is constantly obstructing the eye can be apparent with a corneal ulcer, as can eye discharge (of the pus-filled variety). In addition to swollen eyes, corneal ulcers can make you cry.

An aversion to bright lights and eye pain might also be present. Look for a grayish-white area on the cornea, which lies over the colored part of the eye.

Treatments for corneal ulcers

If you have a corneal ulcer, your doctor might treat you with drops or ointments, in the case of an infection. In viral infections, oral medications may be administered.

If swollen eyes are present because of a corneal ulcer, simple tear substitutes can be used.

Check with your medical professional to see if you should still wear your contact lenses. In some cases, your doctor may advise against it, especially if the cause of your corneal ulcer is caused by chemical exposure. In this case, you may be prescribed medication to nip the infection in the bud, or fully prevent it.

Other causes of swollen eyes and home remedies for treatment

Cellulitis, a bacterial infection; burns; insect bites and stings are other causes of swollen eyes. Simple home remedies, such as placing cool tea bags or spoons or cucumbers on the eyes along with homeopathic remedies such as astragalus, rooibos and bilberry may also help treat swollen eyes. If eye pain is severe, though, check with a medical professional.


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