what is a chalazion gland and how to treat it

Chalazion occurs when the gland at the edge of your eyelid becomes clogged from bacteria or debris. If one or more of the ducts that drain these glands is blocked, an oily, protective fluid called sebum that your eye glands create naturally will accumulate, and can potentially form a cyst on the eyelid. This is most often caused by rubbing your eyes.

Chalazion is actually a Greek word that refers to a "hailstone," and the name fits the condition well. A chalazion cyst is normally painless, but can grow to be a bit uncomfortable and look a mess. This condition may dissolve on its own, but stubborn cysts might require treatment from a doctor.

The Difference Between Chalazia and Styes

If you develop a lump on your eyelid, it is a pretty good indicator you may have the symptoms of Chalazion. However, it is best to have a doctor look at it. Chalazion cysts are often mistaken for as styes.

Patients who have an eye sty might complain that their eyelids feel bruised; they may also experience sensitivity to light. Symptoms such as eyelid tenderness and the feeling of heaviness may be felt two days prior to the growth on the eyelid.

If the eye sty becomes acute, a yellow plug that resembles a pimple can develop in the center of the abrasion. Around the third day, it typically ruptures and pus drains. Unfortunately, not all types form a head, wherefore the infection of the gland continues to amass.

Can a Chalazion Return?

As mentioned, chalazion cysts sometimes disappear of their own accord, and sometimes they do not. If chalazion refuses to go away for good, your doctor may advise you to undergo outpatient surgery. The surgery and its procedure are pretty simple. The chalazion is scraped away and drained. In some cases, a very small scar on the upper lid might remain and cause discomfort when the patient blinks.

What Happens After Chalazion Removal Surgery?

Removing chalazia is an outpatient surgery normally performed by an ophthalmologist at an eye hospital. For most, this surgery will remove the chalazion permanently. Recovery after this type of surgery is generally easy, and minor discomfort will subside after a few days. During that time:

  • Patients will need to avoid getting water in their eyes for up to 10 days after their surgery

  • Makeup will be prohibited until after a 30 day resting period

  • Patients will need to refrain from wearing contact lenses for up to 8 weeks, but can do so after this period

  • A post-operative check-up will be scheduled three to four weeks after surgery to make sure it is truly gone



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